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Monday, July 25, 2011

Essay on the Habit of Reading - Habit Essay

In the past when television and computers were not yet prolific, people spent most of their time reading books. It was through reading that people knew about the outside world as well as other intellectual information. Newspapers and magazines were valued. The library was a favorite hangout as they can read more books that would increase their knowledge.

However, because of the vast impact of internet and television, the habit of reading books and newspapers started to wane. Some individuals would prefer watching movies or the news than to read about the information they need. Leisurely, some would prefer chatting with friends through the internet than reading a book. In fact, students nowadays would prefer reading short and condense articles about a book rather than to read the books in their entirety.  Some students would get a short summary of a story rather than to read the entire story.  

It appears that the habit of reading is starting to be forgotten among the present generation.  The hectic schedule of 21st Century living has affected man’s habit of reading which is no longer considered enjoyable nowadays.
Despite the present advancement in the world of technology, a person still needs to continue to read and enjoy this habit.  The habit of reading is one of the few habits without any negative side effects. There is no harm that an individual could get when he or she indulges in too much reading. Through reading, a person’s vocabulary increases and in turn the individual becomes more knowledgeable than others. As the individual is exposed to different forms of writing, his or her writing skill also develops. Reading also improves the concentration of an individual. A student who loves to read would be self sufficient and have fewer chances of getting diverted or spoiled.

Like any other habits, the habit of reading is not developed overnight. Individuals who want to develop a habit of reading need to start with reading books about subjects that they like.  Each individual has their own preference on the type of written material he or she likes to read. Some factors that could contribute to an individual’s choice of written material are personal taste, the availability written material, suggestions from others, and reading environments. The habit of reading should be developed in each individual as it could bring fulfillment every time it is successfully carried out. Knowledge once earned can be spent throughout once lifetime. Reading presents reading as a great way to earn knowledge that can be valuable to live a life well spent.

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