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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Critical Analysis Essay of Where She Went by Gayle Forman

Critical Analysis Essay of Where She Went by Gayle Forman

Where She Went is the sequel to If I Stay, the story of Mia Hall’s survival from the horrifying car accident that took her family away from her. The book continues three years after Mia’s tragedy, this time told from the point of view of Adam, now an in-demand rock star. Stuck in the busy city of New York, Adam finds himself reunited with Mia, the only girl he has ever loved, to uncover the truths behind their heart-breaking separation.

While reluctantly coursing through the crowded city with Mia, Adam retells the events that produced the Adam Wilde the tabloids know. He elaborates how pain and grief can inspire a person to create music. Adam also explains music’s ability to give someone a second shot at life and how it has resurrected him. His story allows the readers to peek into the life of a rock star; that more often than not, they do get tired of the flashing lights and screaming crowds. Even though, as Adam says, he has the “kind of life a lot of people would sell a kidney for,” he is sick of people preying upon his private life. He concludes that though he considers himself lucky, he has grown tired of the life he has always dreamed of.

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Forman beautifully takes over the point of view of a man. She exposes that even though men are seemingly strong and immune to emotions, in reality, they are as, if not more, vulnerable to pain and suffering. Although some scenes contain vulgar and inappropriate words, they paint a better picture of Adam’s character and helped some conversations seem more true-to-life. Ultimately, the author depicts the emotional and heart-breaking journey of one’s coping with loss and realization of the power of promises.

The novel emphasizes on forgiveness and love and how both are interconnected. It stresses on how one can live with pain and how, despite of it, one can still move on with life. The story wonderfully proves that love can overcome sorrow and accentuates on the fact that true love can withstand distance in time and in miles.
Where She Went beautifully concludes the love story of Mia and Adam and leaves its readers wanting the characters to come to life.
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