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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Research Paper on Cultural Assimilation

Research Paper on Cultural Assimilation

Today, people of different culture can interact more and possibly live in a community together because of the development in transportation and communication. Such developments lead to increased travel and immigration of people. America is seen as the world’s melting pot. America’s population is undeniably peaking due to many immigrants coming into the country. An American society now is seen as a very culturally diverse. People coming to America to live had brought their traditional customs, beliefs and values. Despite of American culture’s struggle with assimilation in the past, it is seen today now as very open to the culture diversity in its society.

Cultural Assimilation is known as the process wherein the members of minority group lose their distinguished characteristics and adapt the characteristics of the dominant group. It is a process where people from another culture who come to live in a place where there is a different culture from their own imbibe the dominant culture. America is now seen as a country not just for the American but also for the immigrants. The composition of the American population is very heterogeneous. You can meet people from different countries just by walking on America’s streets. These immigrants often reason for coming into America is that they believe that there are a lot more opportunities for a better life here than in their country of origin. Immigrants who live in America imbibe some cultural values and traditions of the Americans. People from different culture learns how to speak English, eat the usual American food, enjoys the American entertainment, subscribe to American mainstream fashion, etc. Immigrants felt the need to assimilate into American culture in order for them not to be isolated in the mainstream and to get along with the dominant culture. When immigrants failed to understand the American culture, conflict often arise. Cultural Assimilation is thus seen important in maintaining a harmonious relationship among different races. 

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Cultural Assimilation poses many challenges on the immigrants to America. First, in trying to assimilate the American culture, immigrants struggle to retain their own cultural identity.  Losing the ethnic and cultural identity of an immigrant just to assimilate into the mainstream American society is against the personal freedom. Second, many of the immigrants experience racial discrimination. It is very hard for them to get accepted in a dominant society that has many biases. 


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