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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Essay on Euthanasia

Essay on Euthanasia

Euthanasia is a topic so delicate it is often uncomfortable for majority of people to discuss. It is usually a battle of moral and practical reasoning that commonly lead to arguments anchored in one’s religious beliefs. It is a point of argument that reflects people’s take on battling to live or backing down graciously when they know that the fight is over due to incurable illness. As they always say, “Everyone is entitled to their own opinion.”, but each opinion however, should be upheld with strong position and firm perception. In this case, my opinion would be for euthanasia. Liberty for me is meaningless if an individual has no self-determination – when one cannot enjoy the freedom to determine how and when he is going to die at the point of too much suffering. Freedom is marked by choices and the choices we make determine the life we want to lead and how we want to end it. If freedom is suppressed, then we’ve got nothing but a life lived in desperation. Desperation besets inhumane behaviour; it results to more tragic means of coping just to prolong life; others may even resort to fraud just to sustain medical needs. Desperation equates helplessness. When we think about its horrid effects, it drives people to worst remedies just to alleviate the adversity it entails. At the end, it’s all about the choices we make to either fight to live or live just to wait for death.

Typically, euthanasia is considered to be a rejection of the importance and value of human life and often it is frowned upon because people made their own determination that it is similar with psychological suicide. The problem with this perception is overlooking the practical and moral reasons of practising euthanasia. “Euthanasia must be supposed to be a good to the person killed. But it is difficult to decide when death is better than life, perhaps because we see a conceptual connection between life and good.” (Foot, 2003) But isn’t it practical to have euthanasia done when a person is terminally-ill, when that person himself has determined he cannot take a single day more living in a pit just waiting for his death and when he knows that he’d rather end his life fulfilled knowing that until the end of it he had the freedom to choose which way to go? It is said that the decision to have euthanasia done is supposed to be a good to the person killed and morally, it acceptable to have it done because we respect that person’s choice; we respect his personal reasons and understand that is still up to him whether to submit himself in a facility that would only inflict more depression and desperation as he sees himself withering away from the real detectors of living a good life. Another argument against euthanasia may set the idea that it makes life disposable – that it could be the first step to give up on life easily because all possible means are not exhausted. But must we forget to think that fighting death sometimes just rely on scientific means, that is the magic of medical procedures that people stay on oxygen tanks and tubes just to get through a day? That it is really not God Who we believe to be giving life that supports this kind of “life” we call? For me, all I can give is a single question that I believe only oneself has the right to determine its equitable answer: “Live on tanks and tubes struggling or make your own free choice to die in peace?”

It may sound harsh, but as we know it, life’s reality bites and I must say that the reality is: when we suffer terminal illness, we have to accept it and just prepare for death to come knocking on our doors. If it is our time to die, we will die; no argument in that. No matter how exceptional doctors are, how advance technology is, how faithful a person is to his God, we are all going to die – it’s just a matter of “when”. With euthanasia, a human being is given the ultimate freedom to decide and when he has decided that his existence had lost its meaning, nobody can judge that.

            In a nutshell, life is about the choices people make. This is called freewill and God gave us that. These choices give meaning to our lives; give purpose to experiencing the gift of life. Life without meaning is no “life” after all. It is with this meaning that we experience life, it is with it that we see reason to live each day, it is with it that all people see hope to prolong time on earth. In essence, when a terminally-ill person has determined his existence lost its meaning, euthanasia is the best option to take than insist on living a life out of desperation, suffering and depression. Euthanasia, often called “mercy killing”, got its name to bring forth its message of giving mercy to a person seeking help to alleviate the suffering he no longer finds moral.

Foot, Philippa (2003). Virtues and Vices: and other essays in moral philosophy. Retrieved May 19, 2013, from

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